First of all, generate your character's background. Roll a d%.

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1–3 Military veteran

4–6 Reformed criminal

7–9 Comes from a long line of tanners

10–12 Once owned an inn that was burnt down by bandits

13–15 Former alchemy lab assistant

16–18 Disgraced noble

19–21 Fought on losing side of civil war/revolution

22–24 Former prostitute

25–27 Refugee from land overrun by evil

28–30 Pious member of a notorious family

31–33 Ran away from a duel

34–36 Left at the altar

37–39 Criminal who retired after betraying rest of gang

40–42 Orphaned

43–45 Recovering addict

46–48 Childhood playmate of somebody important

49–51 Killed someone in self-defense

52–54 Escaped slave

55–56 Falsely convicted and then escaped from jail

57–58 Former indentured servant

59–60 Ran away as a youth and joined the circus

61–62 Abandoned spouse and children

63–64 Former sickly child who overcompensates as an adult

65–66 Failed priest

67–68 Failed merchant

69–70 Passed a guild test but too disillusioned to practice

71–72 Outwitted powerful monster

73–74 Practiced magic before a traumatizing accident

75–76 Died but came back through magic

77–78 Lost a magic item with potent abilities

79–80 Ran for office and suffered a humiliating defeat

81–82 Inadvertently saved the life of a future villain

83–84 Lost a spouse or child

85–86 Used to have to beg for food

87–88 Former artist suffering from a creative block

89–90 Raised by members of a different race

91–92 Former witch hunter

93–94 Pledged to keep a fantastic secret

95–96 Wanted for serious crime

97–98 Oppressed for race, sexuality, religion, etc.

99–100 Monster reincarnated as a human

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