Here are the characters I have generated for you. Have fun. The italic text is for NPCs only.

  1. (LN) Lost spouse or child. Goal - erase past failures with a single dramatic act. Likes to crack knuckles. He/she is a distant noble and treats lower orders with disdain. Secret: He/she is a bastard child of a noble. Reward (for heroic deeds): Sell goods at a discount. Favourite AP(adventuring party): "Holy Devils of the Night". Suitable occupation: Merchant.
  2. (N) Ran for office and suffered a humiliating defeat. Goal - learn to gamble. Sneezes a lot. Constantly suggesting ways to make activities more "fun" and "exciting". Drinks heavily. Reward: Name a child after you. Favourite AP: "Compelling Ravens and Revengers". Suitable occupation: Sailor.
  3. (CN) Reformed criminal. Wants to complete some sort of creative work. Has a scarred face. Constantly suggesting ways to make activities more "fun" and "excting". Knows the best fishing spot. Reward: Sell goods at a discount. AP: "Superior Eagles".
  4. (NE) Pious member of notorious family. Goal - impress a disapproving parent. Has a tribal scar on forearm. Sniffs or tastes things. Knows how to placate an angry ghost. Reward: Offer the hand of a relative in marriage. AP: "Valorous Wasps and Avengers".
  5. (CN) Refugee from land overrun by evil. Goal - become a monster. He/she has lisps. He/she is from a place with different customs. Often asks for explanations of everyday things. Knows who the murderer is. Reward: Provide shelter. AP: "Stout Savages".
  6. (NG) Once owned an inn that was burnt down by bandits. Goal - start own business. He/she has short hair. Has a list of numbered rules or maxims covering different situations and quotes them when appropriate. Is a habitual liar. Reward: Invite you to dinner. AP: "Undaunted Snakes and Punishers".