Saz-Al-Khan is a large town located in Rhine and belongs to Magodhir Sultanate. Its mayor is Rancis Lette. Its lord is Lord Ghartmund Vass. It is considered to be one of the biggest away-from-water settlements in Carrollalia.


Name: Saz-Al-Khan

GC Alignment: Neutral

Type: Large Town

Guards: 92


  • 39 Archers
  • 19 Spearmen
  • 9 Knights

Security Level: High

Qualities: Prosperous (The settlement is a popular hub for trade. Merchants are wealthy and the citizens live well (Economy +1; increase base value by 30%; increase purchase limit by 50%)), Strategic Location (The settlement sits at an important crossroads or alongside a deepwater port, or it serves as a barrier to a pass or bridge (Economy +1; increase base value by 10%)), Academic (The settlement possesses a school, training facility, or university of great renown (Lore +1, increase spellcasting by 1 level)).

Danger: 5

Disadvantages: N/A

Government: Autocracy

Population: 26,140

  • Humans: 9,203
  • Elves: 1,291
  • Half-elves: 4,205
  • Dwarves: 9,293
  • Other: 2,148


First Oathday of the Month - Hanging Day

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  • Corruption: 0
  • Crime: 0
  • Economy: +2
  • Law: 0
  • Lore: +1
  • Society: 0